The Pope and His Secret Societies


As many of us know the world is heading down the path to change, the wrong path. The world is traveling down the road of destruction. Most people are too entertained by the things of the world to care, just as it was in the days of Caesar who sent his people to the circus so he can do his evil plotting behind closed doors. So, history is repeating herself again, and the office of Antichrist is completing his last bit of work before all is done with the plans to overtake all the world under his government and false religion. The world is under his control, but a little remnant people who love God and keep His commandments is not.

The Pope has his fingers in every branch of life where they have used their secret societies to do just that. The nations are all under his control as he brings about his new world order; and soon, no one will be able to buy or sell less they have the mark, or the number of his name.

“No political event or circumstance can be evaluated without the knowledge of the Vatican’s part in it. And no significant world political situation exists in which the Vatican does not play an important, explicit or implicit part.” – Guy Emery Shipler

“They [Catholics] must penetrate wherever possible in the administration of civil affairs… all Catholics should do all in their power to cause the constitution of states, and legislation to be modeled on the principles of the true Church.”Encyclical of Leo XIII.

Revelation 13:17, 18, “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

Many institutions today have secrets, especially the Roman Catholic Church who looks like a pure Christian Church, but beneath the veil there is another story that reveals her dark secrets. When we unmask her history and what she is doing today through secret societies, we will come to see the most horrific plans to destroy all people off the face of the earth until every non-catholic is destroyed.

The evils that have stemmed and branched out from this institution are unbelievable and to some inconceivable. The world may point their fingers in some other direction claiming that this person or that person, or this society or that society rules the world and what have you, but none can refute Biblical truth of who the Antichrist is and his church who is the Mother to all these institutions (Secret Societies) that stem from Rome today.

There are many secret societies like the Illuminati, skulls and bones, the Bilderberg group, Freemasonry, Assassins, Elders of Zion, Knights Templar, The United Ancient Order of Druids, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, kkk, all the other countless societies and especially the Jesuit order who is the right arm to the Pope, hence, they have a general in the Jesuit order, which is the military order of the Pope today, but the Bible is clear to who rules the world and that is the seat of Satan who has given his power to the Antichrist Pope.

Revelation 13:2, “…and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.”

When you look at the office of Antichrist, you will see how the Antichrist and the General of the Jesuits aka black Pope they are working together, just like you can see how the President of the United States and his General of the armed forces work together, which it is clear to the public that the President controls the General in this order. Surely one can do evil to the other if that elected or appointed official wants, but the visible authority is seen in every office to the public, AND the Bible reveals that the Antichrist is head of the kings of the earth and it is the Pope, which is honored, adored, loved and worshipped by his billions of followers. No other institution, or secret society, President, or general has the support and visible ruler of the world than that of the office of Antichrist.

Revelation 13:4, “And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”

The World is worshiping the visible head of the Mother of Harlots aka Pope, and who is able to make war with him? What the Antichrist Pope orders his General of the Jesuits to do, he will carry out. The General to the Pope will comply with what needs to be done and assassinate anyone they need to just as it was for past Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Kennedy and his brother.

“See, sir, from this Chamber, I govern, not only to Paris, but to China; not only to China, but to all the world, without anyone knowing how I do it.” (Tamburini, General of the Jesuits.)

The Jesuit order is the secret military force for the Pope around the world, and it is through this elite force the Pope makes his power known. The Jesuits have created and taken over all societies throughout the years as they press forward with the Antichrist’s plans to be worshipped above God in his New World Order, which is almost complete and ready to be implemented throughout the world to worship the Pope and receive his mark 666, which is the mark of rebellion against God and His righteous law.

The Bible warns us of this modern day Judas called the Jesuits who profess the name of Christ, but they are nothing more than wolves.

Matthew 7:15 -Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

This Jesuit Order even states:

Francesco Borgia, Third Jesuit Superior General “We came in like lambs and will rule like wolves.”

There office is to kill all heretics…

“I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.” -Jesuit Oath

[The following is the text of the Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction as recorded in the Journals of the 62nd Congress, 3rd Session, of the United States Congressional Record (House Calendar No. 397, Report No. 1523, 15 February, 1913, pp. 3215-3216), from which it was subsequently torn out. The Oath is also quoted by Charles Didier in his book Subterranean Rome (New York, 1843), translated from the French original. Dr. Alberto Rivera, who escaped from the Jesuit Order in 1967, confirms that the induction ceremony and the text of the Jesuit Oath which he took were identical to what we have cited below. – A. N.]

The current Pope is a Jesuit and he took this oath. He is preparing the world for Sunday laws; and anyone who does not comply will fall into the repeated historical facts of the past who protested against the office of Antichrist and his mark Sunday Worship.

“Some have suffered torture because they would not rest when others kept Sunday, for they declared it to be the holiday and law of Antichrist.” – Sebastian Frank, AD 1536. By this time in history the Seventh day Sabbath was severely under attack.

“The Catholic Church has persecuted … when she thinks it is good to use physical force she will use it Will the Catholic Church give bond that she will not persecute?… The Catholic Church gives no bonds for her good behaviour.” –Western Watchman, Dec. 24, 1908.

Revelation 18:24, “And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth.”



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