The New World Order: The Introduction


For those of you who have been joining us at our new YouTube channel we are learning and understanding that there is a massive conspiracy that is lurking behind all these secret societies that stem from Rome. The evil that exist in the world today is so enormous that the average Joe could see it if he would put the world away, but because the world has decided the obvious in their connection with the world, most have clearly decided to go to the circus of modern day Caesar; thereby, going to sleep to the truth about what is happen in this world that is working to enslave mankind even more and eventually destroy them. This modern day circus of Caesar is all the entertainment that comes through Hollywood witchcraft and other fields of entertainment like the modern day gladiator sports entertainment industry, which has also enslaved the people from understanding what truth is, or from simply even caring anymore to know.

There is a trap in every corner of the world, in every institution, in every bank, in every government, in every ounce of processed foods, or big corporation that is feeding the world with health problems, and there lurks the trap in every school system for the youth, in every hospital for the sick, and there are traps through all the credit cards that are given, through every contract that is provided, through every false religion there is a snare, through every single place that one would go there is a trap awaiting every soul looking to honestly live on this planet or to escape from that which they have found out about the system. And for those that look for truth in the Word, they are then led to the web of wolves that exist in almost every single street corner in the world.

The secret societies today, which all stem from the roots of Rome, which are in ever branch of society; they have two phases to their ultimate plans: control and destroy the masses that will not comply with the New World Order agenda. To those that don’t want to believe the truth today about what is lurking in our midst that has been prophesied to devour mankind, and choose to willfully remain in ignorance, you are soon to be awaken.

If you look at society today, people are purposely placed in an over worked environment to wear you down and grind you to the ground, which it is also designed to cause unbelievable stress on the body and heart. Stress kills the body as it produces bad toxins so the mind cannot think properly, which then they have the AMA waiting for your arrival to become more enslaved to their system and sorcery. Furthermore, as the American family, the parents are both placed into the work environment, which calls for most of their attention for the entire day, which again, is enslaving them to their work; trapping them more into the system of lies; thereby leaving the kids into the cares of the world who teach the minds of the youth nonsense.

The school system that is controlled by these unseen forces of secret societies is clearly destroying the human mind.  It is leading the children down the wrong path of understanding. It is causing them to be a double minded person who will not be able to think for themselves later in life. It is causing them to become subservient to the New Order that is coming. And it is through all these channels whereby the world cannot stand up against tyranny. No one is being taught to think for themselves anymore and decide upon the facts of truth.  Everyone is simply trained to just agree with what is being said today.

The debts in most people lives are purposely fed to society to enslave everyone through high interest rates. The government has no plans whatsoever to fix the problem. It is all a good guy and bad guy gotcha system designed to keep us looking for answers. When it appears they are going to fix the problem, they create some type of disaster to keep the enslavement growing.

The day the average Joe is born they are liken to a product, a human cattle; thereby becoming just another  number in the system, hence our birth certificate and social security number and drivers licenses…search for the subject straw-man!


This is not how we were created to live, but because of men who love darkness over the light, they have joined in Satan’s rebellion, became sons and daughters of darkness and have placed their fellow humans into the system; designed by Lucifer himself in order that he would be worshiped. It is true that we were all born into the hidden slave system that is unseen to the blinded world.

The final stages of preparation is being set to try and force everyone to worship the idol Pope and his Sunday Worship that has been placed above the Creator and His Word that calls for us to remember the Sabbath day and pay homage alone to God. This Antichrist system is getting ready for implementation and when it does, the world will be dragged into the 3rd world war that was designed by Satan and given to the Luciferian Albert Pike who is loved and adored by all Luciferians.

The war that is coming has already begun, but it is unseen to the blind eye that exists in society today. The Bible calls for one great and final last battle before all comes to an end, the final stages of Armageddon, which is known as the little time of trouble. This little time of trouble will grow into the worse conflict this world has ever seen, even now, as we speak, America is being purposely disarmed. This is why the fake news industry is in connection to all these fake acts of terror that are popping up in the news, so legislation can speak and help remove guns; and the republican party can’t sit idle or they will be exposed. The truth of what is happening in the world goes even deeper to those searching for truth.

It is true how the NWO is being aided by the lies of the entire news industry; bought and paid for by the elites that are yoked in the secret society called the CFR (The Council on foreign relations).  The major media conglomerates are all members of the CFR, which precludes any of its media members from accurately or honestly reporting the news, since all of the CFR members have sworn their allegiance to the Council on Foreign Relations and its New World Order agenda of the Antichrist Pope.

The News media is one of the biggest programming tools for the New World Order. Even the President, who is fake himself, he will even boastfully tell everyone how it is fake news, but most are too addicted to TV programming that they can’t see. And regarding the President of the United States; The president of the United States is just another puppet to Rome, and was even trained by the Jesuit order and the alike. If this was not so, he would be no President/king in the New World Order. And just as the President is an alter-boy to the Pope, so are most who are working in all branches of the government.

The relationship that is being demonstrated between the Pope and Trump is a lie where they have been playing the role of good guy bad guy so that you cannot see the true nature of their relationship behind closed doors as the world is being taught and trained to hate America; for the simple reason that when America is cast into the furnace for destruction, the world will turn to the Vatican for spiritual guidance, especially through the Jesuit Protestant preachers and their puppets to bring everyone into the “New False Religious System” of the Antichrist Pope.

From the rise of America, the second beast of Revelation 13:11-18 who would give life unto the first beast Rome, the world has looked to America for guidance, security and help? That is all soon going to change when the calm before the storm is over with and this once great nation that spoke as a lamb for God, but now speaks as a dragon for Satan, will come to her knees and either will decide to worship the Antichrist Pope on his Sunday pagan worship, or to give honor and worship to God alone on the Biblical seventh day Sabbath. Trump has most recently and openly sent a message to those who know what truth is and what is coming to America soon.

“’President Donald Trump warned of ‘the calm before the storm’ while posing with a group of military leaders at the White House Thursday.

‘You guys know what this represents?’ Trump said to a group of reporters while photos were being taken, according a pool report. ‘Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.’

When asked what he meant, Trump replied, “’You’ll find out.’” –  

It is clear to those who understand Bible prophecy, in its right context, can clearly see the message of the President as a threat to those who would seek to continue to rebel against the Pope and his New World Order agenda. They are after the blood of true reformers, which are true Protestants who protest against everything the Vatican stands for.

The wickedness that we are starting to unmask is truly so large it is just unbelievable, but when you understand who Lucifer is and the rebellion he started in heaven and is continuing on this earth; you can see his true character in this world’s history that has spawned evil from the beginning and it will continue till this world is finally destroyed. There is a final battle that is soon to take place in the open for all eyes to see, but because the masses are not paying attention to the signs and understanding what is going on, there will be mass confusion when Martial law does come front and center.

The world’s attention has been trained to focus on two places: the nation Israel and America. Israel is where Satan is soon to appear where he will be dressing himself up as Christ second coming; where he will utter the same things that we hear today that spues from the lies of the preachers and priests today. The eyes of the world are secondly being draw to America so the world can see her fall apart. America’s down fall will cause the world to look to Rome for spiritual guidance.

In order for the Vatican to complete her agenda in the New World Order, where they are establishing their false government and false religious system that works against the heaven, they must first weaken their enemies who exist in the world, especially in America. What they are being able to accomplish in America today is just absolutely amazing to see their amount of success through lies and deception. They have got the Americans glued to the TV where their minds are being programmed to Satanism.

The secret societies have purposely divided the whites, the blacks and all other mixed cultures that make up the body of true Americans, because together if they were to stand against the forces of evil, the forces of Rome will not have a chance. Rome is lurking in the shadows waiting for America to get fatter, more delusional; more entertained, more distance from family members, more toxic from the foods that clog the body up and can’t function properly or think properly and what have you. The drugs that are being prescribed are beyond toxic, but have ingredients of names of chemicals that are purposely written that way so to cause confusion. America has been taught to not investigate and just sit in ease and trust their preachers of lies and the government that is not after what is best for the American families. If they were after the good of American families, the problems would be fixed already, just as fast as natural meds cure any sickness.

Soon there will be a time of trouble which has never been before. This storm is going to darken this world and send her into the most trying time that has ever been known to man. Satan has had about 6,000 years to perfect his plans to overtake this world and the minds of every soul, but the elect will stand in that great and terrible day. This storm is the last stand for Satan, his host and his captives. This is the final conflict before the coming of Christ who will never again step foot on this earth till all the wicked have been destroyed and the earth has been cleansed by fire.

The people today are having a hard time seeing what truth is because they look to these dark forces that have masked themselves under the veil of Christianity, which stems in almost every office that is upon the earth. Truly the world is nothing more than a field of wolves that have overpopulated the planet and are starving for human flesh and thirsting for their blood. They claim that we are the problem, but they are the virus that loves to kill life.

The virus that is called the New World Order is coming to everyone’s door. And when that knock is heard, make sure that your standing under the banner of Christ and that you have been covered in His righteous blood, the Sacrifice that He became for all that will love and honor and worship Him as the Creator and not the Pope who is the author and finisher on this path to death he is leading the world.

Exodus 20:8-11 -Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day [is] the sabbath of the LORD thy God: [in it] thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that [is] within thy gates: For [in] six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them [is], and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

To be continued…


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