Antichrist’s Forced Economic System

Pope Francis meets entrepreneurs 'Fortune-Time Global Forum'

I want you all to take a long look at this picture with the Pope sitting in the middle; it is clear who is in charge. We can also see Bible Prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes in many aspects.

Looking into this photo we can see how a portion of Revelation 18 being fulfilled today and a number of other prophetic statements mentioned in the Bible. You can notice in this picture how it is a sea of suits and ties that have submitted themselves to the Jesuit Pope Francis in a very unique way in which the Bible prophecy said would happen.

The event that you are looking at is the Vatican Global Forum, which is hosted by fortune and time magazine. And it was attended by some of the most prestige’s business men with deep pockets across the globe, this includes fortune 500 CEO’s, scholars, laborers, church leaders, philanthropist, which they have all attended in order to forge a new social compact for the 21st century with Pope Francis; that is entering into a contract with the antichrist Pope and submitting themselves and their resources to His agenda.

If we look at the document that was summarized by fortune and time magazine, “called working group solutions”, we can see, those who understand prophecy, know what this gathering’s intent was all about.

The document starts out by stating, “Your Holiness”, that is capitol H, which is only to be given to God.

”The report presented here is a result of the work of some of the world’s most prominent business and thought leaders,” who have gathered for this meeting.

Keep that very important sentence in the back of your mind, as these are the world’s most prominent business leaders and  bankers that are at this forum. These world leaders, have sought to answer the “Holy Father’s call” to action, forging a new social compact for the 21st century, which is giving them more access to the world’s blessings that come in this antichrist system. Clearly they are fulfilling Revelation 18:3.

Revelation 18:3 – For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.

Financial Inclusion: The merchants of the earth are the business men. And as Revelation talks about events to come, it is stating that the top merchants or business men of the earth, they will submit themselves to the Mother of Harlots/Babylon, which ROME knows and has been called the new Babylon because of her pagan origins, which they admit to.

The penetration of the religion of Babylon became so general and well known that Rome was called the “New Babylon.” -Faith of our fathers 1917 ed. Cardinal Gibbons, p. 106

“It is interesting to note how often our Church has availed herself of practices which were in common use among pagans…Thus it is true…Catholic rites and ceremonies are a reproduction of those of pagan creeds….” (The Externals of the Catholic Church, Her Government, Ceremonies, Festivals, Sacramentals and Devotions, by John F. Sullivan, p 156, published by P.J. Kennedy, NY, 1942)

This modern Babylon that both our History, Bible, other sources and visible proof that the merchants of the earth are giving her (the Vatican) what she needs to fulfill the end times prophecy in many ways.

And this working group (the Vatican Global Forum, which was hosted by fortune and time magazine) is focused on financial inclusion and it talks about “there remain obstacles to achieving the World Bank’s goal of Universal Financial Access by 2020, among these are the ongoing challenges of servicing hard-to-reach populations, a lack of financial literacy, and other aspects, which will insure the future fulfillment of the prophecy regarding those who will not be able to buy and sell when the Mark of the Beast is enforced……and so, here is what they are purposing: “Jump start the undeserved markets.” “Companies will support initiatives to produce ‘DIGITAL IDENTITIES’ for the one-fifth of global citizens who lack one, so no one is ‘SHUT OUT’ of the financial system.” What is key here is to know how 1/5 as of now is not containing “digital identities” which are stored on chips for the global computer system.

Revelation 13:17 – And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

This is revealing so much in this one sentence. It is the fact that 4/5th’s of the world currently already has a digital identity and only 1/5th has not. And this Pope’s “Call to action” is for these companies, bankers, laborers, churches that are the daughters to this harlot and other world leaders to support initiatives to support unique digital identities for the remaining 5th of the world’s population. And a key word here that they use is “global citizens”. Many people are missing the mark here and understanding that everyone in the world is almost in the system for everything the mark to be implemented. 4/5th’s of the world already has a account with a chip on them or in their hands through their credit cards and what have you; the system does not need to install a computer-chip in the body as many are being led to believe ALL because they are taking a Bible verse out of context and literal…

Revelation 13:16 – And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

Satan today is marking his people and the Lord is sealing His people.

2 Timothy 2:19, “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his…”

Isaiah 8:16, “Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples.”

Is God placing a literal seal on His people? No…

Hebrews 10:16 – This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them.

God is not literally placing a seal on us, nor is He literally writing His laws on the minds of His true children. The forehead is where our brain is located, which is where we decide with our God given freewill to worship God, or Satan through the Antichrist Pope; God’s law or man’s law? We will have to decide who we will serve, but God will not force any to obey His law and worship Him, but the eternal reward are for those that obey. If we expect to enter into His kingdom, then we must comply with His laws that govern it. If we decide to serve and worship the Pope above God we have decided to receive the mark of the beast in our mind. And many will recieve the mark in their hand, which is a sign of force. Satan will try and force those who will not serve them by cutting off their ability to paricipate in the world economy just like ancient Babylon did to those who tried to escape out of the kings hand.

Jeremiah 38:23, “… thou shalt not escape out of their hand, but shalt be taken by the hand of the king of Babylon…”

Satan has always tried to force God’s commandment keeping people to break the law of God and that is what Satan is going to do again soon when Sunday law of the Pope is enforced.

“Christians will naturally strive to ensure that “civil legislation” respects their duty to keep Sunday holy.” -Section 67, “Dies Domini”, July 7, 1998

Sunday laws must be enforced.” -Quoted as “principles contained in the Constitution” of the original organization (then called the American Sabbath Union), cited in The Lord’s Day Alliance, Twenty fifth Report (1913), p6.

So, with all this clear cut Biblical truth established, we, who understand Biblical prophecy, who are trying to help the world understanding the coming contest between good and evil and who we will worship, everyone will be left to decide in their own free will who they are going to worship and what kingdom they will honor and it’s laws.

In ancient Roman times; during the terror of the papacy where they had slaughtered millions for not complying with the orders of the Pope to worship him and his image, and down throughout the time when America was arising to power, when the Vatican was still on the hunt for the extermination of all heretics, mostly consisting of Protestants; there had been a three strike system that was implemented:

“Every man and woman shall repair in the morning to the divine service and sermons preached upon the Sabbath (Sunday), and in the afternoon to divine service, and catechizing, upon pain for the first fault to lose their provision and the allowance for the whole week following; for the second, to lose the said allowance and also be whipped; and for the third to suffer death!(-Laws, and Orders, Divine, Politique, & Martial For the Colony in Virginia: established by Sir Gates, Knight, Lieutenant – General, the 24th of May, 1610)

1st offense – Wages are taken

2nd offense – Wages are taken and beaten

3rd offense – Death (cut, burn, hung, tortured to death or beheading)

“The church may by divine right confiscate the property of heretics, imprison their person, and condemn them to flames.  In our age, the right to inflict the severest penalties, even death, belongs to the church.  There is no graver offense than heresy, therefore it must be rooted out.” – Public Eccliastical, Vol. 2, p.142.

“Their refusal to surrender the scriptures was an offense that the Papacy could not tolerate. The Papacy was determined to exterminate the heretics from the face of the Earth. The heretics greatest offense, was that they refused to worship God according to the will of the Pope. For this crime, the heretics suffered every humiliation, insult and torture that man could invent:” ( Fox’s Book Of Martyrs)

1) Hanged and their genitals were cut off

2) The mothers were whipped

3) The women’s breast were ripped off

4) They were tied up and fried in a large pan

5) Their mouths were sewed shut

6) They were placed into a pot of boiling water

7) Their arms and legs were cut off

8) Some had their eyes bored out

History shows, “For professing faith contrary to the teachings of the Church of Rome, history records the martyrdom of more then one hundred million people…” – –Brief Bible Readings, p. 16.

The history of this Roman beast is fast marching down the path to repeat history.  The world is sleeping in deception, indulging in sin and sitting in willful ignorance. Many willfully love the Antichrist system and all the benefits it offers that Christ warned us about. The world leaders, the kings of the earth, the (merchants of the earth) which are the business men today, the governments of the world are forming their bond through the United Nations and this Vatican harlot/beast false system that is soon to establish the Mark of the Beast economic system that will test all.

Mark 8:35-37 – For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s, the same shall save it. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

As we are approaching the last final crisis when they Antichrist Pope shall seek to be worshipped above God and they use the civil power to enforce her dogmas again, everyone will soon be left to decide where they will stand, regardless of what they believe or think. Billions are soon to face their last freewill choice that will secure their eternal destiny.

“The Bible says, Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath day. The Catholic church says, No! By my divine power I abolish the Sabbath day, and command you to keep the first day of the week. And lo, the entire civilized world bows down in reverent obedience to the command of the holy Catholic church!” Father Enright, C.S.S.R. of the Redemptoral College, Kansas City, History of the Sabbath, p. 802

Sunday is a Catholic institution and its claim to observance can be defended only on Catholic principles …. From beginning to end of Scripture there is not a single passage that warrants the transfer of weekly public worship from the last day of the week to the first.” (Catholic Press, Sydney, Australia, August, 1990.)

“The Sunday…is purely a creation of the Catholic Church.” American Catholic Quarterly Review, January 1883

“Sunday…It is the law of the Catholic Church alone…” American Sentinel (Catholic) June 1893

“The Catholic church,” declared Cardinal Gibbons, “by virtue of her divine mission changed the day from Saturday to Sunday.” Catholic Mirror Sept. 23 1983. (Official organ of Cardinal Gibbons)

“The inquisitors…(declare) that the sign of a Vaudois (Waldeneses of France, Sabbath keepers) deemed worthy of death, was that he followed Christ and sought to obey the commandments of God” – History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages, H.C. Lea, Vol 1.

“Of course the Catholic Church claims that the change (Saturday Sabbath to Sunday) was her act... And the act is a MARK of her ecclesiastical authority in religious things.” H.F. Thomas, Chancellor of Cardinal Gibbons. Nov. 11, 1895

Sunday is our MARK or authority. . .the church is above the Bible, and this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact” Catholic Record of London, Ontario Sept 1,1923.

“That the Church of Rome has shed more innocent blood than any other institution that has ever existed among mankind, will be questioned by no Protestant who has a competent knowledge of history . . . It is impossible to form a complete conception of the multitude of her victims, and it is quite certain that no powers of imagination can adequately realize their sufferings.”–W. E. H. Lecky, History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe, vol. 2, p. 32, 1910 edition.  (An excellent though lengthy article describing in detail the right of the Roman Catholic Church to do this, will be found in The Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. 12, p. 266.)

“For professing faith contrary to the teachings of the Church of Rome, history records the martyrdom of more then one hundred million people. A million Waldenses and Albigenses [Swiss and French Protestants] perished during a crusade proclaimed by Pope Innocent III in 1208. Beginning from the establishment of the Jesuits in 1540 to 1580, nine hundred thousand were destroyed. One hundred and fifty thousand perished by the Inquisition in thirty years. Within the space of thirty-eight years after the edict of Charles V against the Protestants, fifty thousand persons were hanged, beheaded, or burned alive for heresy. Eighteen thousand more perished during the administration of the Duke of Alva in five and a half years.”–Brief Bible Readings, p. 16.



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